axeo GmbH

is an engineering driven company and is splitted into three business units.

axeo Energy Systems

develops, designs, produces, sells and optimizes energy generation and - transfer systems according to customer specifications. axeo is in addition the sales partner for TOOLTEMP - Products in the branches of machines, equipments and environments.

axeo Consult

is our second business unit. The emphasis is the efficient use of energy for power intensive processes. We optimize production- and chemical procedures by means of innovative energy systems for reducing energy consumption and - costs.

axeo New Energy

is our third division. axeo is also in the field of new energy active - development and engineering of regenerative energy generation systems as well as innovative power transformation systems.


In this three business units we are "the energy people" and we present our customer optimized applications around the area of energy. This illustrates our company name:

a x e o


zur Energie Optimierung
applications for energy optimizing
applications pour nergie optimisation